Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just days from now...

we'll be heading for Beijing!  There is soooo much to do before we go!  Some of it is necessity, some is just my own OCD issues surfacing.  I can't wait to go, I just wish everything was ready! 

It's taken so long, that now that we're getting ready to go it feels very surreal.  We're going to get to meet our Jada!  We've been getting emotional as we talk and pray and prepare our older children.  How do you really prepare for this?!  We have read, and read, and read about adoption and everything minutely related to adoption (okay, well I have, maybe not Laith!).  We've talked to the kids and tried to paint a realistic word picture of how she will just be a "sister" not a perfect little doll to dote on.  Will this little lady be calm and demure, or fiery and opinionated?  Or maybe somewhere in between?  It'll take a while to even know for sure.  So we have more questions than anything right now.  I hope to blog from China, so maybe we'll have some real news about this girl for you in about a week!


  1. I am so excited for you. I can picture your expression and voice as you typed this. Can't wait for your China blog post. This is such a wonderful thing.

  2. We share Jenny's feelings - we are so excited for you as well, and can't wait to hear about your experiences. We'll be praying for you each day.

  3. I can't wait to hear all about her! I hope you are planning to post to your blog while in China. I am looking forward to following your journey. Tell our XiaoYao that we hope to come get her in January!