Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dec 22nd Water Town and Dragon Well Tea

We draw quite a bit of attention with our little pink girl.  Little old Chinese ladies have fussed over whether she's dressed warm enough, pulling on her pants and looking to see if she has more layers.  Why oh why didn't I bring her snow bibs?!

This is a very old town outside of Hangzhou, which they regard as the Venice of China.  This was a great tour and we even got a boat ride.

Dragon Well Green Tea Farm
We were welcomed into a farmer's home and given some green tea to try.  It was very interesting and the tea was okay...but I was more impressed by the jasmine tea served by Mr. Wang in Beijing.

Another adoptive mom with us who drinks a lot of green tea loved it.  So if you like green tea, it's the first picking of Dragon Well Tea that you want!

By this time I was just praying we could get Jada home to the hotel without her getting carsick again!


  1. Is it really that cold there or is it just that China bundles their babies? I have noticed that all the Chinese students in our town wear more layers of clothes than everyone else. They also often complain that they are cold.

    I'm sorry that Jada is vomiting. Yuck! I pray it is only motion sickness and not a stomach bug so you guys won't catch it too. I will pray that she is not sick on the flight home.

  2. They layer EVERY baby, regardless of temp. We were in Gunagzhou (southern China with temps this time of year in the seventies) and our son came to us in three layers. He was sweating :).

    Ugh on the motion sickness. I will definitely be praying for you. I know you have several more bus rides, a train ride, and plane rides home. Hang in there!!