Sunday, December 25, 2011

Jada Day!!! December 19th

First sight

Catch me if you can.
It took her about a half hour to warm up to us.  We basically followed her around the room until she was ready to talk to us.  There were no tears, she just wasn't sure about us.  She seems to accept and trust us already.  Playing the chase me game makes her deliriously happy.

First try with the sippy cup.  It quickly became her beloved.

Loving on Jada while she sucks down her yogurt.  The girl can put away the food.  She had gotten car sick on the way over so they quickly had given her snacks.  She left with us without even seeming concerned.  We even took a potty break before leaving the civil affairs office and she went without any fuss.  She is a tough, brave little girl.  We are amazed and thankful for how wonderfully she is adjusting!


  1. Finally! A blog post! So happy things are going well. :) Somebody on RQ was asking if everything was OK with you. I told her I thought so...bragged that we're friends in real life! Will continue to pray for a safe and peaceful journey home. Do you fly into KCI? Are you opposed to visitors?

  2. Thank you! We will fly into KCI very late the 29th, nearly midnight. Totally open to visitors...but it'll be a late night! Haven't been able to post because of bad connection in province. I'm trying to catch up now that we're in Guangzhou ;o).

  3. So happy to finally hear from you!!!!!!!! Love the pictures of you with Jada! She is wearing the same shirt that our XiaoYao was wearing in our recent pics! I can't wait to hear more about your little girl!

  4. Congratulations - we are so happy for you!!!

  5. She is gorgeous! So glad to finally see all your blog updates!! We are continuing to pray for a smooth transition.