Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Paperwork

Well sweet girl, we sent off our placement agreement today, with some other adoption forms. 
  • 3 notarized copies of the placement agreement
  • Invoice for the adoption program fee & post placement visits
  • Document Processing Information Form
  • Travel Questionnaire
  • Foreign Travel Release (notarized)
  • DS-230 (Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration)
  • Passport photocopies
  • Release of Information
Shew!  Every milestone brings a slew of paperwork to do!  And every time I think that has to be the end of it!  I'm thrilled that I got it all done, but it wasn't all back in 7 days like they (Holt) asked.  I would've been happier if it had gotten there last week.  But, notarizing things slows me down!  When, oh when, will we be able to come get you?!  It's looking like October, but God I'm praying it could be much sooner!

You should know that we were able to pay our $10,000 plus adoption program fee because of the wonderful support and gifts of our friends, family, and a matching grant from HandinHand!  So many people are looking forward to welcoming you home!  We love you and want you here, but so does our family and church community!  Never doubt that you belong here.  Oh I pray that you will grow up always knowing how much we all love you, but best of all, how much God loves you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One Year

I just noticed that we sent our adoption application in one year ago tomorrow!  I had so many fears back then that we wouldn't be approved, that we would get turned down because we don't make enough money, or already had too many kids.  I was already so invested in this, it was as if I was searching for my own lost daughter.  And indeed I was.  At last we have found her!  Here she is, our Jada!

Oh little girl, I long to squeeze you and kiss those little cheeks!  You are perfectly beautiful!  I can't wait til we can come meet you and bring you home. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We got a call the very next day for a referral!  Oh how silly and impatient I am!  I knew it even then, but couldn't shake it.  Now I can tell my new daughter that as I sat there, crying (quite literally) about not getting a phone call about her, the phone rang.  It was my agency telling me they had a match for us!  On my husband's birthday!  A three year old little girl!  By the way, Laith has been saying he wants a 2-3 year old and I have said a 3-4 year old is what I want.  Perfect!  So anyway, she has had corrective surgery for her health issue and is otherwise perfectly healthy!  Praise the Lord!  It's like knowing there may be something wrong with your baby while you're pregnant, only to find out she's fine!  We were ready for much bigger issues to deal with, and we're thrilled that our daughter's prognosis is "excellent." 

She just had her birthday so I went shopping to celebrate!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jada!