Saturday, December 17, 2011

Forbidden City, Silk Factory, and Snack street with new friends

The Forbidden City pics will have to be added later because we have those on the video camera.

Laith at breakfast...a happy man.

Pulling silk at the silk factory
Snack Street
We just took pictures and giggled a lot.  We did NOT partake.
Apparently people really eat these things.  It smells like it looks.  The sheep "parts" shocked me.
cow stomach...really
Sarah said it was a lot like chewing on a rubber band. 


The Morning Star Family Home director and her family were very gracious to us and took us to dinner, a Chinese flea market kind of place, and guided us through snack street!


  1. Wow! Did you eat any of those things! It reminds me of some of the interesting foods we saw in Vietnam.....none of which we were brave enough to try. Of course I wasn't feeling too brave about food after I spent a day in the hospital in Vietnam with food poisoning.

  2. I love the bug photos. Were those medicinal or edible. Were you brave enough to try one? How long are you in Beijing? How much choice do you get as far as where you fly in and how long you get to stay in Enmei. I am so jealous. I miss being able to travel in Asia. Can't wait to plan our trip, keep detailed notes of all the best places to go!

  3. wonderful pics - so so so happy for you. Asking this as kindly as I can - we know what's next - lets have the next update please!!!!

  4. I wonder if she is having trouble updating her blog in province?? We are praying that things are going smoothly. It's like Deja vu to look at these pictures! It's like we JUST experienced the same places and sights. I loved the hotel in Beijing. Update when you can!!!