Friday, August 5, 2011

A good day, even without an LOA

Several very good things happened today (okay, yesterday now that it's past midnight).  Our little neighbor was taken to the hospital yesterday with appendicitis, and today he came through surgery successfully and better than expected.  Praise GOD for the health of this little fireball of a boy that we love!  The next thing was my cousin and his wife had their baby girl today!  It took nearly 24 hours of labor and 4 hours of pushing to get her here, but mama and baby are healthy and safe!  Aww, praise You Father!  And then there is the rain we got and a 20 degree dip in wasn't 113 on my car thermometer today!  It was only in the low 90's.  And on the China forum, some people got their LOA today.  We didn't, but some did, and I'm taking it as a good sign that more will follow and I'm praying we will be in one of those batches soon!  I was a little disgusted (for a little bit) that these people hadn't waited as long, but I got over it pretty quickly.  I congratulated them and didn't even ask to be stuffed in their luggage when they traveled, although the thought crossed my mind.  I would rather us all get our children more quickly, so why begrudge someone?

So all in all, this was a very good day, even without our LOA.  And it also gets me thinking about why these things were so good.  In each instance there was some serious waiting, praying and struggle which caused each victory to be sweeter.  It reminds me of the worship song that says, "Joy would have no meaning, without sorrow and pain, And if we knew no dryness, how could we love the rain?"  We will have such intense joy, such unspeakable joy when our Jada gets here.  Which reminds me of another song:

"Holy Spirit blow through me, touch my heart and there will, there will be....Such joy!  Such unspeakable joy, such peace, an everlasting peace, such love, a pure and holy love, Spirit have your way in me!"

I know we would have been beside ourselves with excitement if we could have gotten her sooner, but I also know I will have a deeper appreciation for the magnitude and greatness of what God is accomplishing in our family through this miracle of adoption because it has not come so easily.  I can honestly tell my new daughter that I longed for her like I did my biological children and cried impatient tears for her just like I did her brothers and sister.  Hopefully I'm even coming out on the side of reason these days, with my OCD tendencies (of email, blog & forum checking) being overcome more & more each day. 

Am I ready for my LOA yet God?  I am afraid He's waiting for me to learn something here.  It could be patience.

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