Friday, August 19, 2011


I have nothing new to share.  I'm still here waiting and Jada is still in China and China is still holding my LOA captive!  So really, they're holding my Jada captive too!  See how easy it would be for me to get all twisted up with some less than healthy thinking!  The reality is that I have no idea why this is taking so long and neither does Holt.  This could still take another 3 weeks, according to some hearsay. 

I'm sad, and weary.  But this is starting to get laughable.  Is God smiling, thinking to Himself, "if she only knew what I had going on here...." ?  I never was in control here.  God always was.  He always IS.  Am I starting to get it?  Am I finally reconciling myself to this wait 3 1/2 months in?  I hope so, but tomorrow may be a different story.  God please help me to wait on You patiently.

I did get some pretty wonderful news today though.  I am going to be an aunt again!  I'll take that kind of news any day!  A brand new little heart is beating.  Praise You Jesus!

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