Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling more hopeful

Don't get me wrong, I'm still obsessively thinking about our Jada, and reading everything I can get my hands on about China, about adoption, about the transition children go through.  But I am growing more hopeful as the days slowly creep by.  The wait hasn't killed me YET, and I doubt it will...most days!  I read it is taking an average of 72 days from LOA (letter of acceptance) to TA (travel approval) and that means we could still travel in the beginning of November if we would get LOA around August 10th.  That's some real numbers, not just Beth's pie in the sky dreaming.  So while my hope is in Jesus Christ, I do have some statistics to go along with my hope of traveling THIS YEAR! 

Oh God, please use this time of waiting to prepare our little girl.  Please prompt her nannies to encourage her about how her life will change.  Please let them tell her we love her and will always care for her.  Will you tell her too please?  Oh let this time bear much fruit in her young life.  In the Name of Jesus, Amen

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