Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LID and waiting

We were logged in with China as of 3/31/2011!  That's great!  However, now we're waiting for a referral.  The referral is the real deal.  We find out who our little girl is with the referral.  Today was a release from China of a shared list of children that need to be adopted.  I've heard of three people so far that have gotten called and we have not.  It's 5:09pm and we didn't get called.  No call.  Nothing.

I'd love to say I'm okay with this, but I'm so flipping out on the inside.  Just because we didn't get called, doesn't mean we won't this month, but we may have to wait for the next release.  Or the next, or the next.  Did I mention they only come out once a month?!  AAAck!  My impatience is hitting a fever pitch.  Oh Lord God, help me to handle this gracefully.  I'm not feeling very calm, cool, or collected right now.

The logical part of me understands that we are waiting for God's perfect will here.  That includes the perfect match and perfect timing.  The emotional side is screaming "NOW!"  She has waited for us long enough!  Sigh. 

We're waiting with you little Xi Wang.  We long to know your name and stare at your picture until we can see you face to face.  You are loved and you are wanted.

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