Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DTC #2

So we are officially DTC and waiting to be LID.  (The dossier has been sent to China, but doesn't have a log in date yet.)  Have I mentioned my struggle with impatience?  Maybe I wallow rather than struggle with it.  Altogether possible.  Ugh.  How can we get matched if we don't get logged in?!  Huh?  It's been a whole week already.  That's sarcasm, in case my tone didn't come across.

This may take a while, this matching of parents & child.  I fear that everyone else in this process is completely unaware of the imaginary timeline I have laid out in my head.  Surely they must see the logic in traveling in September.  If we don't get matched soon though, that will be impossible.  (October is a bad time for China with some market thing going on, plus one of my son's birthdays.  November is Thanksgiving.  December is 500 family birthdays and Christmas.)  So September it is!  Later only enters my thoughts in nightmares. 

I will concede that God is in control of all of this.  He will send us to China in His timing, which will be best for all involved.  You know Father, and I choose to trust you.  Please, please, let us go quickly to get her.  I will continue to ask, knowing you love me enough to tell me no.

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