Sunday, March 20, 2011


So two nights ago I'm up fretting while trying not to, and the very next day I hear that we've been approved for another grant!  Praise God!  Aww, progress.  We will have to wait for it until we get matched with our little Xi Wang, but this is an easier kind of waiting.  Then today I get home to find a note from the postman.  We have a delivery at the post express mail package!  That's our dossier documents coming home to us!  Oh that is very good news!  We can send our dossier this week, as long as all of the documents are in order!  Now I'm back to the hard kind of waiting.  Who is this little girl?!  What is she like?  How old is she?  What size does she wear, because I'm dying to buy her clothes!!!  I do hope that she likes pandas, because I've already bought her 4 of them.  Yes, that makes me blush a little.  Did I mention she already has two baby dolls, her bed is set up with all new bedding, and she has her own tub of clothes in storage?  I'm a fast nester, but wait, not really, it's been 10 months!  (My other 4 children got here in 9 months!)  I need her size so I can keep busy here by filling the closet!

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