Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Our girl is changing. She is growing enough hair for some short pig tails! She loves them! She is changing in other ways too. She has grown quite demanding and persistent. Slowly we are teaching her that no means no and repeatedly demanding something won't make it happen. She is learning to ask nicely for things also. It's funny when I think back to being in China and she never expressed her desires. That changed quickly after we got home. But that's a good thing. I'm so glad, no thankful that she feels safe and comfortable with us. We even went on a trip and visited one of her buddies from the orphanage, and she did great the whole time. She was never fearful but she was pretty demanding about drinks, probably because we were trying to limit her so we could limit the pit stops. She will relentlessly ask for things when we tell her no. She doesn't throw fits though, and if we stand her in the corner she will stop and then we can move on. We are curious about her fascination with her drink, if it means something else or is just a means if control. I think it is a new luxury to her that she is afraid of losing, but that's just a guess. She is learning though and is saying so much in English. She's a bright little thing. And she is very generous with her hugs and kisses which makes her irresistible.

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