Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Visas, Article 5, and waiting for TA!

We got our visas back last week on Friday!  It's a lot of money just to get a sticker in your passport!  This means we are completely done with paperwork on our end.  I'm sure there will be something that comes along that will need to be filled out, but nothing that I know of!  Our Article 5 should be done today but we won't hear anything until Friday because Holt doesn't hear anything until Friday.  So if I can assume that the Article 5 is done (play along here, I know what assuming does) then we should be waiting for travel approval now!  This is our last step!!!  The consulate appointments are made quickly so it seems, so this is the last real wait for paperwork then it will be the rush for packing & travel, buttoning up things here so we can be gone for two weeks!  The travel approval will be expedited.  PLEASE PRAY that China will honor the request for an expedited TA!  Many have gotten theirs quickly, so I'm hopeful.  You could also pray that I won't be consumed with this so much that I forget I have other children!  ;o)  Those other children of mine really are doing so well with all of this...oh may that continue!

And this is just for a dose of cuteness:

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  1. Congrats. So excited for you. Praying for blessing for the Gilkeson family during this time.